Neopor's panels, the new generation insulation.


98% graphite, hydrogen and air. These are the three components that characterize Neopor®, the new-generation insulation made by exploiting technological innovations developed in BASF research laboratories.


The introduction of graphite - a natural carbonbased product - inside the expanded polystyrene cells, substantially alters the thermal conductivity value, noticeably reducing the amount of heat that is lost through radiation, due to its absorption and reflection properties.


With an infinite number of cells reflecting the infrared rays, the material can effectively hinder the passage of heat and cold, producing a formidable insulating action.


Neopor® is also insensitive to moisture, does not absorb water by capillary action and keeps all its physical properties intact over time.


Neopor's cellular structure - which offers very high thermal insulation - means the Oneklass panels are classified as not generating spread of flame in reaction to fire tests, and thus have a Euroclass B-s2,d0 rating.


Moreover, laboratory analyses and application experience have shown that Neopor® - by virtue of its inert, nontoxic chemical composition - will continue to meet technological performance requirements indefinitely and does not present a risk factor of any kind for human beings.

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