PIR Foam

PIR Foam


The Isolpack PIR foam panels.


The insulating panels Isolpack PIR foam are CE marked: thanks to the particular characteristics of this polymer structure, these panels show excellent characteristics of fire behavior. For the company, it is an important technical primacy, but for designers choose a PIR foam panel is a guarantee that ensures a high capacity of reaction to fire, with a greater safety and excellent thermal insulation performance.

For this reason, the entire Isolpack insulation panel range is now available on request with the PIR foam, rigid expanded polyisocyanurate, which guarantees excellent performance in reaction to fire.

The entire range of Isolpack panels has been CE certified in class B-s2, d0 at CSTB (France) and at MPA (Germany) in compliance with UNI EN 13823 (SBI) * where "B" expresses the quantity of heat produced during the first 600 seconds of the test <7.5 MJ (best value obtainable for foamed products); "S2" represents a very low development of the fumes and "d0" indicates the absolute absence of drops and / or inflamed particles.

With the entry into force of 89/106/CEE there is an obligation to have a reaction to fire classification for construction materials, the directive provides the classification according to EN 13501-1. The SBI test has thus become a standard requirement in Europe for the fire behavior of building materials.

The PIR foam, physiologically harmless and non-toxic, also has an extremely cross-linked structure and therefore stable: its compatibility with the environment is then guaranteed by its physical and chemical inertia.

Isolpack offers a range of PIR foam panels with CE marking and certified in class B-s2. Therefore, our products allow to design light, highly insulating applications with excellent fire reaction requirements. In many cases Isolpack panels can be used instead of the rock wool panel, considering the fire reaction characteristics combined with the very high thermal insulation power.

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